A world without borders.

A world without borders

Immigration Lawyers Melbourne

Roam Migration Law are immigration lawyers and migration agents based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in Australian work visas, strategic advice, and immigration compliance. We help individuals and organisations migrate to Australia. We help people move around. Cross oceans. Find their place in the world. Welcome to a world without borders.

Immigration lawyers for corporates & individuals

roam are specialists in corporate immigration

Our staff specialise in all aspects of Australian migration for employers including employer sponsored, temporary and permanent visas, business sponsorship, labour agreements, audit and immigration compliance.

We can assist with all visas for individuals including independent or sponsored skilled migration, student visas, partner, parent and other family visas, appeals and visa cancellations.

Key sectors we work with

The Health sector in Australia has faced significant staffing problems for many years due to labour shortages, the challenges of workforce management. Roam has forged deep and powerful connections with the industry to provide solutions to this.

The IT industry is globally competitive. An IT business in North Sydney or Fitzroy is today competing with other businesses in Shanghai, Silicon Valley, or Copenhagen.

The 482 visa program enables employers in the engineering and resource sector to source critical skills that cannot readily be found in the local labour market.

Roam has worked with international firms to move their global workforce to Australia for major defence projects.

In the agriculture sector, seasonal work demands mean that businesses are required to engage large numbers of temporary staff on short-term bases. These peak periods can lead to numerous stresses on business, demonstrating gaps in internal processes and training.

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Roam Migration Law

Roam is an Australian immigration law firm based in Melbourne, Australia. Our Australian immigration lawyers specialise in Australian work visas, strategic advice, and immigration compliance. We help corporates and individuals migrate to Australia.

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