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[Roam]. The idea to roam symbolises the freedom of movement. It encompasses the bridging of borders and the idea of unobstructed movement of people. Our name references the “freedom to roam” where individuals are given the right to access their country.

About Us

About Roam Migration Law

Roam Migration Law is a full-service Australian immigration law firm covering all aspects of Australian migration law and visa procurement.

We help people move around. Cross oceans. Break through bureaucracy. Find their place in the world. With specialists in visa procurement, strategic advice, training and compliance, we help individuals and organisations navigate the pathways of global migration. Welcome to a world without borders.

“Our philosophy is that people should be free to live and work wherever they want. While that ideal may not eventuate any time soon, we are committed to reducing the burden our clients face in getting the visa outcome they need to continue living their lives. Immigration law is a complex and at times frustrating process, and we are focused on providing clients with the technology, tools, and human solutions to reduce bureaucracy, and make immigration faster, simpler and less painful.”

Migration law that moves with you

Roam exists to make movement simple. We’re an Australian immigration law firm, dedicated to a world without borders, without bureaucracy. A world where people are free to live and work, wherever they want.

People over policy

International migration tends to put policy ahead of people. We’re doing things the other way around. By humanising immigration law – by making it simpler, faster and less painful – we can change our clients’ lives for good. This is compliance and compassion, together at last.

Experts in your corner

It’s hard for individuals to challenge bureaucracy. That’s where Roam comes in. We have the courage and skills to cut through the red tape. With over in international migration law, we’re experts in visa procurement, corporate training and compliance.

Breakthrough borders

With a background in immigration services, our lawyers know how to break through borders. We take a more strategic approach to migration, with tailored tools for every client. Whether you’re an individual or a multi-national corporation, Roam is here to get you moving.

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