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Attracting The Top Talent In A Global Economy – A User-Friendly Guide to the Global Talent Program

Attracting The Top Talent In A Global Economy

In an increasingly competitive global market, attracting and retaining top talent has become a key aspect of any country’s economic growth and development. Australia is no exception to this trend. To meet this need, Australia introduced the Global Talent Visa program, which aims to attract exceptionally talented and prominent individuals who can raise Australia’s standing in their field. This article discusses the features and  benefits of Australia’s Global Talent Visa program. 

Understanding Australia’s Global Talent Visa 

The Australian government launched the Global Talent Visa program in November 2019. It aims to attract highly skilled people to specific target sectors that have the potential to contribute significantly to Australia’s economy, innovation, and job creation. 

The main features of the Global Talent Visa program 

  1. Ease of Visa Process: The Global Talent Visa program provides an easy way for highly skilled individuals to obtain permanent residency in Australia. This means that eligible applicants will have a faster and more efficient visa application process compared to normal visa streams. 
  2. Target sectors: The program focuses on attracting talent who are highly skilled in one of the 10 defined sectors, identified as key areas of the Australian economy. These industries include: 
    1. Agricultural Food and Technology (AgTech) 
    2.  Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space
    3. Financial services and FinTech  
    4. Education
    5. Resources
    6. Energy 
    7. Health Services  Circular Economy
    8. DigiTech
    9. Infrastructure and Tourism 
  3. No age limit: Unlike many other visa programs, the Global Talent Visa program has no age limit. It welcomes highly experienced individuals of all ages who can demonstrate exceptional ability and potential to contribute to Australia’s target industries. 
  4. Permanent Residence: Successful applicants of the Global Talent Visa program will be granted permanent residence. This means they have the opportunity to settle and work permanently in Australia, offering stability and long-term career opportunities. 

Benefits of the Global Talent Visa Program 

  1. Access to opportunities: Individuals with a Global Talent Visa have access to a wide range of opportunities in Australia’s thriving industries. They can collaborate with leading companies, research institutes and start-ups in their respective target sectors, driving innovation and contributing to the growth of the Australian economy. 
  2. Pathway to Australian Citizenship: The Global Talent Visa program opens doors to Australian citizenship for successful applicants. It allows people to enjoy the benefits of Australian citizenship, including access to social security, education, health care and employment opportunities. 
  3. Inclusive and supportive environment: Australia is known for its multiculturalism and inclusive society. Successful Global Talent Visa holders will experience a welcoming and supportive environment that will make it easier for them to settle, integrate and succeed in their chosen fields. 

Other considerations 

Those wanting to have their Global Talent visa processed ahead of others may submit an Expression of Interest, provided they meet the requirements.  It is important for applicants to prepare and submit comprehensive documentation to support their eligibility to participate in the Global Talent Visa program. This may include evidence of academic qualifications, work experience, research publications, patents, awards and industry recognition. As part of the visa application process, the applicant’s English language skills may also be assessed. Demonstrating English language skills can positively influence the outcome of the application. 

Another option is the Global Talent Employer Sponsored program (GTES) which allows employers to sponsor overseas workers for highly skilled niche positions that cannot be filled locally. 

The main features of the GTES are:

  • trusted employers can access highly skilled roles. You are not restricted to occupation lists for the TSS visa short-term or medium-term streams
  • there are 2 streams – Established business and startups
  • the earning threshold for applicants is higher than under the standard TSS stream
  • you can negotiate variations on the standard TSS visa requirements
  • the visa is valid for up to 4 years and allows access to a permanent residence pathway
  • you can negotiate age requirements for the permanent residence pathway
  • priority processing of GTES agreements.

Approved businesses must meet specific criteria and requirements to be considered for the GTES.

Migration program level: allocated places

The 2023–24 permanent Migration Program has maintained 5000 places for the Global Talent Visa Program. This recognises that Australia wants to maintain its reputation as a competitive and preferred destination on the global stage.

Australia’s Global Talent Visa program, including GTES,  plays a key role in attracting top talent from around the world, promoting innovation, promoting economic growth and improving Australia’s global competitiveness. With its inclusive society and diverse opportunities, Australia continues to be an attractive destination for top talent across industries. The Roam team would welcome the opportunity to assess if you may qualify under this program or discuss your eligibility.

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