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Australia is Reviewing the Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL)

Australian Government is Reviewing the Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL)

The Migration Strategy outlined in December 2023 sets the course for reforming Australia’s migration system. A key aspect of this strategy is the creation of a Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL) to align with Australia’s workforce needs. Jobs and Skills Australia, tasked with defining skill needs, has developed a Migration Labour Market Indicator Model to inform the CSOL.

Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) is undertaking a consultation related to those occupations that should be included in the Core Skills Occupation List (CSOL).

The CSOL will be a consolidated list starting with the Skills Priority List, integrating evidence-based processes and extensive engagement with stakeholders. This includes analyzing migration suitability based on labour market performance, reliance on sponsored visa holders, domestic supply, and market salary data. Stakeholder engagement involves consultations with businesses, unions, labour market participants, and various government bodies.

Draft CSOL Format

The draft CSOL is released for consultation purposes only. It does not represent the final advice that Jobs and Skills Australia will provide to the Government, nor is it a decision of the Government. 

The draft list is categorised into three groups:

  • Skilled occupations the JSA Migration Model is confident should be on the CSOL—stakeholders can provide feedback on these occupations.
  • Skilled occupations the JSA Migration Model suggests should be targeted for stakeholder feedback—for these occupations, we are particularly interested in labour market surveys and independent research, business recruitment experiences, and the views of Australian and migrant workers and jobseekers.
  • Skilled occupations the JSA Migration Model suggests should not be on the CSOL—stakeholders can provide feedback on these occupations.

The consultation process for the CSOL includes surveys, submissions, bilateral meetings, and qualitative analysis to gather feedback from businesses, workers, job seekers, and other stakeholders. The aim is to ensure the CSOL reflects Australia’s international trade obligations and meets the country’s evolving skill demands.

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