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Corporate Immigration Glossary

Unless you state otherwise, all documents and information provided to us will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to your employee (the visa applicant). The documents and information will only be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to obtain approval of the Sponsorship or Nomination application.

If the business has another employee in the same position as the applicant (‘comparable employee’) and is being paid the same or a lesser wage, please provide the following:

  • Comparable employee’s employment contract;
  • Comparable employee’s recent payslip

If the business does not have a comparable employee, please provide information about how the salary was determined. This may include:

  • Awards, Industrial instruments, and agreements
  • Remuneration surveys
  • Job ads for similar positions
  • Advice from HR advisors or industry associations

It is now a criminal offence to receive a benefit for agreeing to sponsor someone for a visa (other than the benefit received from the person’s employment under the terms of their employment contract). Civil penalties also apply. As part of the sponsorship process, you will be asked to confirm that you have not engaged in such conduct in order to proceed.

Personal details of employees (other than the visa applicant) on payslips, PAYG summaries, employment contracts and other personal documents may be redacted. If you do not redact them, we will do so before submission to DHA.

The Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy, also known as the Nomination Training Contribution Charge (NTCC), was implemented on 12 August 2018. The SAF levy legislation requires employers to pay a levy to the Commonwealth Government to be redistributed to support the training and education of Australian citizens and permanent residents in TAFE and other courses. The levy is calculated based on the turnover of the business in the most recently completed fiscal year. It is payable in full at the time of lodging the Nomination.

The levy amount is calculated as follows for the 482, 494, 186 and 187 visa Nomination applications:

 Turnover < $10 MillionTurnover > $10 Million
494*/186/187 Levy Surcharge$3,000$5,000
482 Levy Surcharge$1,200 per year$1,800 per year

* Pro rata SAF arrangements apply when 494 visa holders are changing employer.

Refunds of the SAF levy are available in limited circumstances and include the following.

Please note that the refunds are discretionary, and DHA is not obliged to provide them even if the below circumstances exist:

  • The Nomination and 482 TSS Visa applications are approved, but the sponsored worker does not arrive in Australia or commence employment;
  • The Nomination is approved, but the 482 TSS Visa is refused because the Visa Applicant does not satisfy health and character criteria;
  • The Nomination and 482 TSS Visa applications are approved, but the sponsored worker does not complete 12 months’ employment with the sponsor. In these cases, only the remaining period not used will be refundable (e.g. 3 years’ levy refundable if 4 years levy paid in the Nomination).

Please note that refunds are not available in the following circumstances:

  • Withdrawal or refusal of the Nomination or 482 TSS Visa applications other than in above circumstances;
  • Refusal of the 482 TSS Visa application for reasons other than those related to health and character. For example, if the Visa Applicant does not demonstrate that they have the experience/qualifications for the position, or does not have 2 years’ of relevant work experience.

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