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Training Visas

Training Levy framework released

The Subclass 407 Training visa allows employers to provide work-based training to staff to enhance their skills, support overseas capacity building, or enable graduates to meet registration or course requirements.

The visa is available for up to 2 years and enables employers to up-skill staff through a combination of workplace training and work activities. The training must be relevant to the position and must be tailored to the staff member’s circumstances, taking into consideration the individual’s work skills, experience, and education.

Training is available in three circumstances:

  1. Occupational training to enhance skills – Workplace based training to up-skill an individual who has appropriate qualifications and experience to undertake the training. Workplace based training is usually 30% on-the-job or classroom-based training and 70% work.
  2. Classroom-based training for capacity building overseas – training to increase an organisation or government’s ability to deliver services overseas
  3. Occupational training for registration or course requirements – Work-based training to obtain registration, membership, or licensing in Australia or the applicant’s home country or to meet overseas study requirements.

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