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Immigration Services for Australian Tech Startups

Starting a tech startup is an exciting venture, brimming with creativity and possibility. However, entrepreneurship presents a potential minefield of legal obligations that pose a considerable impact on the success of your endeavor.

Assembling and maintaining your talented workforce demands critical attention, whether it’s selecting the appropriate visas, maneuvering through immigration regulations, or establishing visa compliance plans. Roam’s team of immigration lawyers excels in steering startups through these intricate legal terrains, offering tailored guidance and comprehensive services to founders and enterprises within the startup sphere.

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We can help your Tech Startup succeed

As a startup law firm ourselves, our corporate lawyers can assist you with all of your immigration legal needs, including:

  • Review eligibility for nomination/visa
  • Advise your startup on visa options
  • Issue instructions on the visa & nomination process
  • Request & review relevant documents & questionnaires
  • Draft applications
  • Send to stakeholders for confirmation
  • Application lodged with Home Affairs
  • Additional criteria (health, police clearances) completed
  • Advise business & visa applicants of the outcome.
  • In case of refusal, advice on mitigation

Advise business on startup on visa options

Draft applications

Review relevant documents

Lodge visa applications

Why Choose Us

Roam is a full service Australian immigration law firm. We specialise in Australian work visas, strategic advice, and immigration compliance.


Roam Migration Law (RML) is an award winning boutique immigration law firm specialising in corporate immigration solutions. With a comprehensive set of skills and expertise, we address the complex challenges of the ever evolving immigration landscape in Australia.


Our dedicated team possesses an in-depth understanding of the intricate web of immigration laws, regulations, and policies. Our solutions are rooted in a robust commercial foundation, recognising the impact immigration has on businesses, industries, and economic growth.


Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing our ability to consistently achieve successful outcomes for our clients and maintain a strong approval rating with the Department of Home Affairs

Social Responsibility

We approach immigration issues with a deep sense of social responsibility, recognising and prioritising the diverse social fabric of Australia.

We are an award winning law firm

Awards and Memberships

What our clients say about us

The Roam Migration Law and EasyGo Gaming partnership exemplifies how strategic collaboration can empower startups to overcome workforce challenges, scale rapidly, and achieve global success.
“The Employee Mobility Institute (TEMi) community of global workforce management professionals has benefited greatly from Roam Migration Law’s active participation in industry events.”
Deborah de Cerff
"With Roam’s assistance, the business was able to secure access to a large number of international workers to be sponsored on the Sc 482 visa."
Santana Baskar
Concept Care

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