Visitor and Working Holiday Visas

Visitor and holiday visas to explore and experience Australia.

Visitor visas allow you to spend short periods in Australia visiting the sights, families, friends or to make general business or employment enquiries. In considering whether to grant a Visitor visa, the Department of Home Affairs will take into account the circumstances in your home country, your ties to your home country, your ability to fund the trip, the purposes of the visit, as well as any ties to Australia.

Visa pathways we can assist with include:

  • Visitor visas;
  • Extended Visitor visas for parents or frequent travellers to Australia;
  • Sponsored Family Visitor visas which may require a security bond;
  • Working Holiday and Work & Holiday visas for people under 31 years of age;
  • Business Visitors who wish to undertake specific business activities.

We also have extensive experience assisting clients who have previously been refused a Visitor visa to come to Australia.

Visitor visas do not permit the holder to work. If you are interested in working in Australia, please refer to our Skilled, Employer Sponsored or Businesses section, or contact us for detailed advice.

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