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Nando’s Client Case Study


Why did you need an immigration lawyer?

Nandos relies on overseas workers to fill a significant portion of our workforce due to the shortage of local talent. We identified the need for professional Support with sponsorship and compliance. We looked at a number of immigration law firms for that support and chose to work with Roam Migration Law.

What were the main challenges or obstacles?

We found the biggest challenge and obstacle for Nandos was not having the specialised skills in house to manage our visa requirements. The previous migration agent we partnered with was not proactive enough with their support. We also only had one person who assisted our team which meant we were more at risk of not achieving our visa management goals.

How did Roam Migration Law help?

Roam Migration Law helped Nandos Australia by providing a greater team with greater support. We have also found them to be proactive with their support and provide more information and solutions to meet Nando’s needs.

What was the outcome or results?

Working with Roam Migration Law has resulted in the successful sponsorship of an employee, as well as working together to develop some fantastic ideas and strategies to address our labour challenges in 2023 and beyond.

Any final thoughts or comments?

In conclusion, we have really enjoyed working with Rebecca & Jackson. Bring on 2023!

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