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Navigating Changes in Temporary Visa Health Requirements in Australia

Navigating Changes in Temporary Visa Health Requirements in Australia

As of November 1, 2023, applicants for further temporary visas in Australia face a pivotal shift in policy. Short-term measures that once exempted individuals from health examinations during the application process have ceased, signifying a significant adjustment in the visa application landscape. This change stems from the Department of Home

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Concept Care Testimonial

Concept Care

“Roam assisted Concept Care to obtain a company Labour Agreement to hire personal care assistants to support their NDIS disability services in New South Wales. Typically, personal care assistants are not eligible for an employer sponsored visa but with Roam’s professional assistance, the business was able to secure access to

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Changing Sponsors on a 482 visa

Changing Sponsors on a 482 Visa

Primary 482 visa holders  are allowed to change sponsors (employers) after the grant of their 482 visa. To do so, they have to ensure that they comply with the requirements outlined in this article so they are not in breach of the work restrictions (condition 8607) imposed on their visa.

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