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Shahrul Izwani - Paralegal

Experienced Paralegal with a Diverse Skill Set

Shahrul Izwani

Shahrul Izwani is an accomplished paralegal with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Information Technology – System Management from the National University of Malaysia. His professional journey encompasses a wide array of skills and experiences, making him a versatile and valuable asset.

With a strong background in IT education, IT hardware implementation, and system implementation, Shahrul brings a unique blend of technical expertise to the legal field. His proficiency extends to diverse areas such as road construction evaluation and maintenance, health and safety in maintenance, HVAC maintenance, and infrastructure maintenance, covering electrical, pest control, fire alarm, cleaning, waste management, and CCTV.

Shahrul’s project management skills shine through his involvement in various aspects, including project proposal development, bill of quantity creation, quotation preparation, progress monitoring, invoicing, defect liability period management, and comprehensive project evaluation reporting.

What sets Shahrul apart is his ability to provide added value by understanding clients’ requirements from different perspectives, aligning them with end-user expectations. His hands-on experience across various domains enables him to offer unique insights and practical solutions.

In summary, Shahrul Izwani is not just a paralegal; he is a multi-talented professional who seamlessly integrates his technical knowledge with legal expertise, ensuring a holistic approach to problem-solving and client satisfaction.

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