Visa Processing Times

We estimate visa processing by reference to the time taken for your file to be allocated to a case officer (‘time to allocation’). In most cases, visas will be approved at the time of allocation, however, if additional documents are requested, processing times may be significantly longer:

Please see below estimated visa processing times based on our recent experience. Processing times do vary substantially between applications and it is normal for applications to take more and less time than that specified below. Some applications are separated into high risk and low-risk categories. Risk is generally determined based on nationality, sponsored occupation, immigration history, and some other factors. Please note that this information is provided as a guide only to help you understand what to expect from the Department of Home Affairs. It does not constitute a guarantee that your application will be processed within a particular timeframe:

Visa typeEstimated time to allocation
100 – Partner Visa (Migrant)14-24 months
143 – Contributory Parent Visa4-5 years
155 – Resident Return Visa (2 out of 5 years met)Less than 1 week
155 – Resident Return Visa (beneficial ties)6-8 months
186 – Employer Nomination Scheme (low risk)2-4 weeks
186 – Employer Nomination Scheme (high risk)4-6 months
187 – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (low risk)2-4 weeks
187 – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (high risk)4-6 months
188 – Business Innovation & Investment Visa (Provisional)18-22 months
189 – Skilled Independent Visa3-7 months
190 – Skilled Nominated Visa3-7 months
300 – Prospective Marriage Visa24 months
309 – Partner Visa (Provisional)24 months
400 – Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (USA)2 days
400 – Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (Europe)2 weeks
400 – Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (Asia)2 weeks
461 – New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa24-27 months
482 – Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (low risk)2-3 weeks
482 – Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (high risk)4-6 weeks
485 – Temporary Graduate Visa3 months
489 – Skilled Regional Visa (Provisional)3-7 months
500 – Student Visa4-8 weeks
600 – Visitor VisaLess than 4 weeks
801 – Partner Visa (Permanent)18-24 months
864 – Contributory Aged Parent visa (Temporary)4 years
866 – Protection Visa36 months
887 – Skilled Regional Visa24 months
888 – Business Innovation & Investment visa (Permanent)12 months

If your visa is not listed here or you wish to enquire about progress during the processing of your application, please contact our administration team at

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