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Australia Will Cap Student Visa Numbers Amid Housing Investment Push

Australia Will Cap Student Visa Numbers Amid Housing Investment Push

The federal government is proposing to introduce legislation to cap the number of students that can be enrolled by each of the 1400 universities and colleges registered to teach overseas students.

Alongside the cap. the government is pushing for educational institutions to invest in student-specific accommodation, aiming to ease housing pressures and the shortage of rental accommodation. The legislation will allow providers to go over those caps if they can prove they have invested in new student accommodation.

The proposal comes as the government is seriously considering a raise in the international students’ visa application fee from AUS$710 (already higher than the fees in Canada and the US) to AUS$2,500.

What’s the Behind Student Cap?

Concerns over education sector imbalances, including oversubscribed courses and visa system exploitation, are partly driving the talks. The government’s desire to reduce net overseas migration amid a housing shortage crisis is also a big motivation.

Education Minister Jason Clare said the reforms were designed to ensure the integrity, quality and sustainability of the $40 billion export sector.

The government’s draft strategic framework seeks to more strictly control surges in student enrolments while diversifying the countries they come from, the schools where they enrol and the subjects they undertake.

Australia’s discussions on student visa caps and housing investments reflect the complex interplay between immigration policies and education sector dynamics. As deliberations continue, finding the right balance will be vital for sustaining Australia’s appeal as a top education destination.

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