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Visas for skilled workers working in oil and gas projects offshore

Employee Visa Compliance

Australia is a resource rich country, being a leading exporter of LNG extracted from a range of significant offshore and onshore gas fields expanding across the country.

Employers, employees and future applicants, potentially involved with Australian offshore oil and/or gas projects, may wonder which visa types you are eligible for.

Offshore resources activities include any operation or activity performed under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 and the Offshore Minerals Act 1994

Australian immigration laws have specific visa requirements for individuals entering Australia to participate in, or support, offshore resources activities. 

Specifically, individuals are required to hold any one of the following visas:

All other visa Australian visa types are excluded and not suitable for individuals entering Australia to participate in or support offshore resource activities.

Subclass 400 vs Subclass 482 visa

While both the Subclass 400 and Subclass 482 visa subclasses allow holders to engage in offshore resources activities, there are significant differences in terms of cost, stay period and documentary evidence requirements.

Our article and fact sheet highlight the key differences between these two visa subclasses.

If you are looking to bring an overseas employee to work on a specific project for a short time, a Subclass 400 visa is an attractive option. However, if the project requires a longer-term commitment from the overseas employee, you can consider a Subclass 482 visa.

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